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"Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken." ~OscarWilde



Screening is required, whether that be in the form of:


~Two references of independent providers seen by yourself in the past 12 months

Please include each of their emails and make sure before booking with me you have each of their permission to act as your reference. Consent is paramount and this is your first way to illustrate to me that you understand this.


~A link to your LinkedIn profile (set for public view) or another work profile




~A Selfie of You Holding Your Government Issued Picture ID

Your Name and Picture needs to be visible.

Your Selfie can be sent to:



$50 CAD donation to PACE society in my name, or egift cards to or is mandatory to confirm your booking. 

E-gift cards can be sent to:

Deposits are non-refundable unless under the unfortunate circumstance I am the one cancelling the session.

Cancellation Fee: 


Less than 24hrs notice will result in a $100 CAD cancellation fee to be paid via gift card (such as or an Uber gift card) to my email: or as an e-transfer to a discrete email of my roomate (and confidante): .


Failure to pay will result in being unable to book down the road until sorted. This fee can not be used as a deposit nor is it applicable to any future bookings. Should you wish to rebook down the road, your cancellation fee must be sorted and a new deposit must be provided before any consideration is given out of respect for my time. 


Cancellations made with less than 24hrs Notice for Touring Bookings will have the Full Amount of what was agreed for the entirety of a session to be owed and can be sent to a discrete email of my roomate (and confidante):

This fee can not be used for future bookings.


I'm more than understanding and empathetic that life can come up with unexpectedness. We're mature adults and as such,  I just ask for the courtesy of clear communication. Thought and consideration  will always be met in return. 


Me As A Reference:

I'm all for sharing the love. Should you wish to see another provider sometime in the span of six months since we've last met up, please just ask myself before giving out my contact info to use as a reference.

Review Policy:

I am quite adamant in having and maintaining a no review policy. If you are interested in getting to know me, please check out

my Twitter profile: @MeetErinLove



I always try to answer any inquiries in a timely manner of 24-48 hours or less, unless my calendar (Above my Booking Form) specifies I'm unavailable for whatever reason.


Please note that day of bookings with less than 24 hours notice will not be met and I encourage at least 24 hours to cancel or reschedule a session.


I do not accept phone calls to book a session and when providing a phone number, phone apps other than Signal are not accepted. My own cell number will only be provided once we are confirmed for a booking. Messaging me on social media without proper consideration or texting me outside of setting up a session is bad form and disregards respect for my time. I value my private time, my dms on Twitter and Instagram are not for messaging me unless I have expressed consent. When I have shared  my cell number, please be mindful it is an extension of trust that my time will be respected and that you will honour your booking. 

Please respect that discretion is of the utmost priority to me, just as reassurance of my safety should be to you. Your trust in sharing your private information is not something I take lightly.


I do recommend using encrypted forms of communication as an extra precaution (such as Protonmail or Tutanota when emailing and Signal when providing a number for me to text you the address day of) just for that extra peace of mind.



I'm a girl who's a sucker for someone who takes pride in their appearance. Simply put, good hygiene and a smile is a sure fire way to make me a little weak in my knees. 


I ask that when we are to meet, as a courtesy and in respect for both of our time, that you please have my donation ready in an unsealed envelope to avoid me having to take away my undivided attention from yourself. 


I am 420 friendly and enjoy a drink on occasion, but otherwise must insist on no other recreational favours. If that is not respected, I reserve the right to end our date at any given point.


Consent is paramount. I am a submissive fetish/kink/BDSM provider and with that comes the fact that not everything I offer is for everyone and possibly not all that you may wish to delve into is something I can provide. I would much rather you go into a respectful, short detail of what you would like to see in a session as well as any boundaries you may have, than to possibly be faced with any confusion. If you are ever unsure during any of our time, please just ask in a kind manner.

Rest assured, I will lay out my own boundaries before and during a session and should at any point either of us feel uncomfortable, I ask that it is expressed politely. This at the end of the day is for mutual enjoyment of each others company.

I love to create a safe space for people from all walks of life and welcome people whatever your race, religion, gender identity, sexuality,  body type, and ability may be. To note, the incall spaces I host from does not have accessible bathrooms and are not the easiest to maneuver around within. Should you need specific accommodations, I would be happy to discuss with yourself what that may look like to try and make meeting yourself a reality. Due to my own comforts, I do ask you be minimally 21 years old before reaching out to me to make an inquiry. 

Thank you truly for taking the time to read through this page, it reassures me that my time is respected. Do so hope we can meet soon!

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